Saturday, September 3, 2011

Far Above Rubies

"Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies." 
~ Proverbs 31:10

These gems are truly beautiful but the Scriptures place the higher value on the virtuous woman since she is more than a mere ornament which sits upon a case as an idle onlooker… No, the virtuous woman herself is not idle, she is BEAUTY IN ACTION! She makes the world a better place and her existence in a man's world is a blessing… To look at beauty is one thing but to experience it in the acts of love, service and strength is priceless…

Thought for the day ~ 

What kind of gem are you? Do you sit stagnant upon a shelf waiting to be adored or are you actively beautifying the sphere that God has placed you in?

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  1. I just found a book Called "Women of Virtue" by Jodi Marie Robinson. She talks about the value of rubies and what that scripture in Proverbs really means. How there are three types of precious gems--diamonds, sapphires and rubies. Rubies and Sapphires are made of the same mineral, corundum. Only slight variations of the certain elements that make up these gems determine its color. For a ruby to be brilliant red, perfect environmental conditions must be met. Because the element chrome is what gives the ruby its color, but it's also the element that causes fissures in the crystal, there has to be just the perfect amount of it. A ruby of substantial size with few flaws is very rare in nature and would bring a nice high price, usually more than a diamond of the same size.

    I thought that was very telling that the Lord equates a woman's worth as something higher than rubies, which can be worth more than even diamonds (which are valued greatly by today's standards). Rubies are the rarest of gems, but a virtuous woman is priced far above them!

    Oh, stopping by from Raising Homemakers.

  2. I agree. The best way to love others is by serving them. Great reminder.

  3. Great information, thanks for sharing… Will have to pass that on to my daughter. I guess you can say that diamonds may be a girls' best friend but rubies would be a mans' :)


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