Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Geography Lesson – Monsieur Gaudry And His Daughter

The Geography Lesson – Monsieur Gaudry And His Daughter 
by Louis-Leopold Boilly (1761-1845)

I appreciate this painting by the French artist, Louis-Leopold Boilly since it portrays such a peaceful and endearing relationship between the father and daughter. He is apparently giving her a "geography lesson". How are your skills in the subject?

Questions for the Mothers and Maidens:
  • Based on what they are wearing, when do you think this painting took place?
  • What do you think her father did for a living?
  • Did you notice the nice collection of books in the room? That is where I would peruse if I was a guest in that house!

    Geography Journaling for Maidens (or Mothers!):

    Would you like to travel the globe without leaving the love and safety of your own home? A fun project would be to travel the world through literature and make a "Geography Journal". Read books that take place in other lands and record your "visit" by marking the country on a world map or print out a blank world map and color each country you "toured" and create a notebook of sorts. It might be fun to include the date you finished your "tour" as well to bring in more detail. When you are finished reading the books, perhaps you would like to read some non-fiction sources, biographies or look up some of the famous places from that country on the Internet and do an "online tour". 
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    You can make this a scrapbook project and record the books you read, what you liked or disliked about them, interesting places or people they mentioned in the literature and so forth. Place information into a scrapbook, notebook or journal. You can give each country its own page and paste pictures of famous places or people from that land making sure to include the title of your book as well. If you enjoy cooking, create a meal based on the country and print out a menu for your scrapbook. Invite your family to "dine" in that land for the night. Make it a challenge by trying to read some quality literature that takes place in every country! Ideas to follow in the future...

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