Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Courtship Novels ~ A Regal Reading List

Courtship by Edmund Blair Leighton

Courtship is a mystery word to many. What does it mean in today's society? Is there an actual method in this approach to finding a spouse? What is the purpose? I was delighted to have found a set of four courtship stories which are based on fictional characters but with biblical facts. These books are in novel form and offer an interesting look at what courtship may look like in this day and age. Whether or not you are committed to this concept, there is much to be gleaned from these practical and wholesome books.

This series is written by a conservative, Christian family and I really appreciated a peek into their thoughts on courtship. These would be a really wholesome and God-honoring read for mothers and maidens that bring some very godly concepts into light (whether or not you decide courtship is for you). Many of their writings have really challenged me in my role as a wife. There is much detailed and down to earth information in these books which gives the reader much to contemplate. I would recommend these little gems for girls 16 years and up but suggest mothers read them first for content.

Some in-depth discussion with practical examples of the following topics:
  • How does courtship work?
  • What is the purpose of courtship?
  • What to look for in a husband according to Scripture.
  • What to look for in a wife according to Scripture.
  • How to prepare yourself for being a wife one day.
  • Reasons for courtship verses dating.
  • What young girls can work on in their lives as they wait for future spouses.
  • Struggles and battles for older girls who are still in waiting for a spouse.
  • The role of parents in courtship.

The titles in the series are:
  • The Courtship of Sarah McLean by Mr. & Mrs. Stephen B. Castleberry
    • "Sarah McLean is a nineteen year-old girl who longs to become a wife and mother. The book chronicles a period of two years, in which she has to learn to trust her parents and God fully in their decisions for her future."
  • Jeff McLean: His Courtship by Mr. & Mrs. Stephen B. Castleberry 
    • "Follow the story of Jeff McLean as he seeks God's direction for his life. This book is written from a young man's perspective. A discussion of godly traits to seek in young men and women is included as part of the story."
  • Journey of the Heart by Ms. Jeannie Castleberry
    • "Written by the author's 23-year-old daughter, Jeannie, Journey of the Heart is the long-awaited story of Janet McLean. Janet, now twenty-two years old, has matured and grown in the Lord. She has many longings, struggles, and questions that she must face with the help of the Lord and her parents. Will anyone ever want to court her? How should she handle her desires for a husband and family of her own? When she finds herself attracted to a young man, what should she do? This is an account of a young woman who is still waiting on the Lord."
  • Waiting for Her Isaac by Mr. & Mrs. Stephen B. Castleberry
    • "Sixteen year-old Beth Grant is quite happy with her life and has no desire for any changes. But God has many lessons in store before she is ready for courtship. The story of Beth's spiritual journey toward godly womanhood is told along with the story of her courtship."

From the Publisher: 

"These books are written to encourage those who intend to follow a Biblically-based courtship that includes the active involvement of parents. The main characters are committed followers of Jesus Christ, and Christian family values are emphasized throughout. The reader will be encouraged to heed parental advice and to live in obedience to the Lord."

For the record, I am NOT affiliated with this company in any way but thought these books were worth sharing with my readers.


  1. What an interesting idea. I know many families who favor courtship as an alternative to casual dating, but there are so few works of fiction with characters following that model. I haven't read these, but it might be interesting to try one to see if it would be a good fit for the church library.

    1. Yes, you hear so much about courtship but how it works practically is a mystery to many. These books are really helpful to give you an idea. I found them very interesting.

  2. nice post thanks for sharing...looking for to visit more...blessings

  3. Thank you so much for sharing these books. God bless you.

    1. I hope these prove to be helpful...


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