Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Importance of Tying Heart Strings to Our Daughters

The Mother by Frank Dicksee

"But above all these things put on love,
which is the bond of perfection."
~ Colossians 3:14

Oh Mothers, how important you are to your dear daughters! Your relationship with them has so much impact on their lives and it is the worthiest of investments to spend quality time with them. Do you want to be the one they go to when their heart is in turmoil? Do you want to be the one they share their struggles with? Do you want to be the one they confide in and ask counsel of?

Then you must begin to tie the heart strings now….

The best way to show your love is by spending time with your daughters. Life is made up of small increments of time and the mother who cultivates those moments will have the greatest influence. Bonding with your daughter now will help to ensure a beautiful relationship in the future. If you do not win their hearts now, how can you expect to receive it when the trials of life come their way? 

"Before you can teach children,
you must get the silver key of kindness to unlock their hearts,
and so secure their attention."
~ Charles Spurgeon

Activities such as tea parties together, visits to museums, picnics, board games and simply cuddling on the couch with beautiful literature are all ways to create a bond of love that will endure during those turbulent years of growing up (I will go into more detail on these activities in future posts).

Dear mothers, it is not too late. Start now. Sow the seeds, embrace the moments, make memories, and shower your dearies with affection and attention so that they will not seek the world in their time of sorrows but only the loving arms of mother.

Note: I also would encourage the same relationship with fathers to their sons.


  1. So, so true! I have two daughters who thrive on my love and attention! They blossom when they know they are cherished and worth my time! Thanks for encouraging us to press on!!

    1. Thrive and blossom are the perfect words :)

  2. What a wonderful post full of such wisdom. Yes! Creating bonds with our family now is so important.



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