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Importance of Noah's Flood to Mothers and Maidens

The Dove Returning to the Ark by Mary Jane Q Cross

I have always had a fascination with Noah's Ark and paintings like these (by Mary Jane Q Cross) stir up the imagination to wonder and reflect. What was it like during those times? What a beautiful mentor would be found in Noah's wife and what godly friends would his daughter-in-law's have made! Many scientific and historical mysteries lie inside that ark. Many answers to the world around us are found by studying the scars that the world wide flood left behind (think Grand Canyon). Faith in the Scriptures can be enriched when we find evidence that all this really occurred and that there is proof that it all happened just like the word of God instructs.

Why is "Noah's Flood" so important for Mothers & Maidens?

It is important that we as women have answers to questions regarding Noah's Ark and other Bible related science topics that are under scrutiny. The Scriptures are under attack and we need to give solid  scientific explanations to children and adults that are wavering in their faith because of the aggressive teachings of secular science.  The Bible says we are to give an answer for the hope that lies within us (1 Peter 3:15). Science based information is critical in this age where evolution is being forced at the people as "fact" when it is actually their "faith" in how the world came about. Their desire is to make sense of creation without the Creator! We must remember that evolution is a theory and not proven as it is taught in the education system and assumed in the media. We need to equip ourselves to give edifying answers to our loved ones so that they can teach the generation to come with confidence that everything the Bible says is true. If they doubt one area of Scripture, what is to keep them from questioning the rest? Look how quickly the family of Noah was corrupted after the flood! We are warned to...

"keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called: Which some professing have erred concerning the faith. Grace be with thee." 
~ 1 Timothy 6:20-21

Noah's Daughter-in-Law in the Dovecote by Mary Jane Q Cross

Science Suggestion:

Research the Biblical evidence of the flood. Did you know that there are "creation scientists" who are scientists devoted to the Scriptures? They study the world through Biblical glasses and examine science from that perspective. When they scrutinize the Grand Canyon, they see evidence of Noah's Flood doing all that carving in the earth. They support these theories with scientific proof which provides us with solid information that the Word of God can be trusted. You will be amazed at the scientific testimony that verifies Biblical history and authenticity!

A book that we read and really enjoyed on the subject which will delight your daughters was actually a (full color illustrated) picture book (though it was chock full of information and I would consider it for girls of about 8-12 years).  In the Days of Noah by Gloria Clanin dazzled my young maiden and brought a whole new perspective on the flood history. It showed Ham, Shem and Japheth finding godly women to marry and had Noah's wife being a "teacher to the younger women". The story made history come alive in a sweet but savage way since the author also depicted the wicked world and what you would find in it at that time (an interesting parallel to today's society of disbelief)The book also gives a fictional account of how things may have happened using biblical history and creation science support. The second half of the book focuses on questions and answers regarding why she wrote the things she did in the story and the historical and scientific reasons for the scenarios. Included are many creation science facts discussed to give the readers information about flood geology in an easy to understand format. 

  • Mt. St. Helens Tribute to the Flood DVD (See canyons and rock layers (the sort you may have been taught take millions of years to form) created in a very short time! In this video, Dr. Steven Austin shares his spectacular and unique photography of the volcano and its after-effects. Along with thousands of other scientists and educated professionals, Dr. Austin is convinced that the Biblical Flood is reliable and is vital to a true understanding of history, its purpose, and destiny. This is one of the best tools for witnessing to non-Christians!)
  • Flood Geology DVD (This stunning collection of videos from the Creation Museum explains the possible mechanisms for the Flood and the tremendous effects that the Flood had on the earth, including fossils and the post-Flood Ice Age. Be fascinated and educated as you watch these eye-opening programs.)
  • Creation Mini-Series DVD Pack (Basic introduction set to creation science and why it is so vital a teaching along with information that supports science and the Scpritures, we have probably watched this set five times already in our household!)
  • The "Answers Book ~ Boxed Set" (With this three book set, your home or library will hold over ninety faith-affirming answers to some of the most challenging questions about faith, science, and the Bible. Prepare yourself, your family, and your church to answer the questions of friends, and skeptics, and defend against the prevalent secular humanist culture that is invading our schools, government, and even the Christian community.)
  • Genesis Record by Henry M. Morris (The Genesis Record is the only commentary on the complete book of Genesis written by a creationist scientist. Written as a narrative exposition rather than a critical verse-by-berse analysis, the book is equally useful to both the theologically trained and the layperson.)
  • New Defender's Creation Bible KJV (This study Bible provides a handbook for a solid defense of the accuracy, integrity, and inspiration of the Bible, a seven-day creation, and Jesus as God's incarnate son.)

For more information on science in harmony with the Scriptures, visit...

If there are any topics in the Bible that confuse you with today's teaching of 
"so called science",
Your faith will be renewed!

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  1. I am so grateful for your site! We (my daughter's and I) are reading though the Bible together as detailed as possible, and are at the point of the Flood. These resources are very helpful and appreciated! Thank you!

    1. I am so excited to hear of your venture and pray these resources will be a blessing in your studies. I obviously love the women in the ark and what they teach us today! Thank you for sharing! :)


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