Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tribute to Mother in Literature from Jane Austen

"...forsake not the law of thy mother…" ~ Proverbs 6:20b

~ A Tribute from Literature to Mother's ~

"As soon as Mrs. Dashwood (mother) had recovered herself, to see Marianne was her desire; and in two minutes she was with her beloved child - rendered dearer to her than ever by absence, unhappiness, and danger. Elinor's delight as she saw what each felt in meeting, was only checked by an apprehension of its robbing Marianne of further sleep; but Mrs. Dashwood could be calm, could be even prudent, when the life of a child was at stake, and Marianne, satisified in knowing her mother was near her, and conscious of being too weak for conversation, submitted readily to the silence and quiet prescribed by every nurse around her.

Marianne continued to mind every day, and the brilliant cheerfulness of Mrs. Dashwood's (mother) looks and spirits proved her to be, as she repeatedly declared herself, one of the happiest women in the world."

~ Jane Austen, Excerpt from Sense and Sensibility (mother in parentheses is my addition)

“A mother would have been always present. A mother would have been a constant friend; her influence would have been beyond all other. ”
~ Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey

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  1. How sweet and so true about the influence of a mother. Thank you for sharing!


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