Thursday, December 1, 2011

Beautiful Bows ~ A Craft

Bows are a timeless accessory for girls… Create your own with this simple craft. These are fun to make because they are so easy to assemble. They also make darling gifts. (If you have a collection of vintage handkerchiefs like myself, then this project is for you.) You can also use doily's, thick ribbons, bandanas, scraps of lace and fabric providing it has some sort of hem.

Activity: Make Your Own Hair Bow


Simply iron your handkerchief and fold in half.

Now, fold again.

Next, tie the folded fabric in a knot as shown above.

Affix the bow to the back of the clip with your glue.

These types of clips have a flat side making it easy to glue something on to them.

Let sit until dry and your project is complete.

Here is another style vintage handkerchief (I just couldn't resist).

This one has a softer effect.

This would be a fun mother and me...
 with a cup of tea…

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  1. Beautiful! I love vintage, feminine things. :-)

  2. What sweet bows, and a fun craft to do with girls!

  3. Oh, wow! How cute and unique! Thank you so much for linking up with me and adding my button!


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