Thursday, December 8, 2011

Miriam the Musical Mentor

Miriam Makes Music
And Miriam the prophetess, the sister of Aaron,
took a timbrel in her hand;
and all the women went out after her
with timbrels and with dances.
~ Exodus 15:20

In the Scriptures, we find Miriam leading all the women in praises to the Almighty. She was a godly woman and is considered the first prophetess. No doubt her earlier acts of faith such as facing the daughter of Pharaoh bravely with a suggestion to provide a nurse for the little baby in the basket gained her respect at an early age. She was also listed by the inspired word of God with Moses and Aaron as just as important in the work that was given… She was "sent" by God.

"For I brought thee up out of the land of Egypt,
and redeemed thee out of the house of servants;
and I sent before thee Moses, Aaron, and Miriam."
~ Micah 6:4

Miriam was an upright women and an obvious tool of the Lord. It is no wonder that women followed her down the aisle singing exaltations to the Lord God. She probably had a huge following among the Hebrew woman and had much clout as well (Perhaps too much clout as she later was bold enough to speak against the wife of Moses). Younger girls watched her every move and may have been mentored by Miriam…

But the question is, who in today's society is mentoring your daughters through music?

Counterfeit Christian Musicians...

There are some females that our daughters might look up to if given the opportunity. They disguise themselves as "Christians" in a Hollywood, secular setting. Many mothers may allow and even encourage the mentoring thinking in their heads that they are "Christian" and they are "cool". They buy t-shirts of these girls and place them on their daughters. But are these young musicians "sent" by God or is it a cunning deception? What are we moulding our daughters into?

How long do these females remain devoted to God when living in the world of glamour and glitter? Sadly, it does not take long for the "bad company to corrupt the good morals" (1 Corinthians 15:33). And if the time comes that these performers start dabbling into the worldly playground and forget their "first love" (Revelations 2:4), your daughter is already addicted to this role model and her way of life. You can tell her that she is no longer someone you want in your home but the desire to immitate her is already there. The seed has already been planted and those roots are hard to pull. We read the sorrowful news of these defeated girls more and more in the media as many young maidens have fallen from innocence into a life of promiscuity, drugs and alcohal (to say the very least)...

Dear mothers and maidens,
beware what "musicians" are introduced
 into your heart and home.

For other music related musings,
visit Magnanimous Music.

I hope I do not offend anyone with these writings for 
my true desire is to encourage and enlighten women in different areas for a faithful life.
My earnest prayer is that you receive it all in love.

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  1. Dear JES, I am so glad to read this! Music is a topic in our home almost every day! I would love to know how many young people (and adults, too) have been drawn into heavier and harder music, and then they take it into their own homes and influence. After the great and ancient hymns of the church,we like the softer music of Michael Card, Selah, M.W. Smith, etc. but are very 'picky' if you will, about whether it focuses of Jesus Christ or on man! Many people don't know or give a hoot about what their kids listen to!

  2. I agree that it's really important to be careful what music we bring into our homes. Music has a powerful emotional effect on us, and we try to be mindful of that when we're choosing songs to download here. I've been searching out Advent and Christmas music lately and I've found something that encouraged me: There are some musicians out there now(the Gettys come to mind) who are rediscovering the old hymns and bringing them to a new audience as well as writing hymns of their own older styles. I hope that this continues.


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