Wednesday, January 18, 2012

An Awards Banquet

This is a thank you post to two sweet souls for bestowing the same award to this blog within one week… The Versatile Blogger Award* ~ I appreciate your confidence! It is a bit awkward presenting this to readers since it feels like I am giving it to myself since I just did a posting on the Liebster Award. But, if you visit these two sweet ladies you will find that the honor was truly given (wink).

Warm thanks to:
  • Nicol at Ladies of Virtue ~ Her blog is dedicated to "pursuing biblical womanhood with purpose and passion."
  • Kasey at These Five of Mine ~ Her blog is dedicated to "offer encouragement to weary pilgrims and to be a beacon that points to the true light."

    Here is how it works:

    This award comes with some rules: 
    • Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post. 
    • Share 7 random things about yourself. 
    • Nominate 5 fellow bloggers and let them know about it.

      According to the Rules ~ Seven Random Things about Myself:
      1. I love history!
      2. Chocolate is my weakness or my strength :) White or dark but nothing in between...
      3. My hair reaches my waist.
      4. I probably own over 1,000 books and I am reading four at a time right now because I am a moody reader.
      5. I drink my coffee with heavy cream and raw honey.
      6. I'm the person who strangers ask to take pictures for them in public places, to borrow my cell phone when they forget theirs and to ask "personal questions" to at the grocery store… Do you know my kind yet?
      7. I ball my head off when reading aloud to my family… (I'll never forget my husband's face when he saw me struggling for words with tears pouring down my cheeks while reading to my four year old. I couldn't even finish the sentence. "What's wrong?!" he asked. "Charlotte died!!!", I cried. You wouldn't believe his expression when he found out that she was just a spider...)

      My five nominees for THE VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD are (drumroll please)… And again, I have tried to include females of all ages and stages in order to support the theme of this site:

      In no particular order ~
      1. The Beauty of the Inner Spirit
      2. Jill's Home Remedies
      3. Lizzy's Nest
      4. Reflections from a Homemakers Heart
      5. Country Mouse Musings

      * Once again I was bold and changed the graphic of the award. When am I ever again going to be using such a neat piece of clip art in my little world? Thank you for forgiving me in advance.


      1. Thank you so much Jes, what an honor!

      2. Thank you so much! Now am I supposed to write up a post and nominate 5 people?

        1. Hi there, Yes, that is what I understood.

      3. Thank you for thinking of me and my humble blog. BTW, I love your clip art design. It's great! :)

      4. This is so nice. Thank you very much.

      5. Part of the fun is getting to know the recipient better....I so enjoyed your 7 things! I love Charlotte too. I feel like I know you a little more! Do you have an email BTW? I would like to ask you something. ~Nicol

        1. Sure :)

          Just sent you an email with my email!

          Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate them!


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