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Victorian Scrapbook ~ February 1864 (Late Issue!)

Isn't it lovely how this fashion plate page depicts a maternal scene? This is what draws many to the Victorian Era... beauty, loveliness, femininity and a family-centered home life. The editress (as she preferred to be called) of Godey's Lady's Book once said,

"Home! The place where all man's best and happiest hours are passed.
Where in our language shall we find a word of four letters that stirs the sweet pulses of life,
like this of home - our home?"
~ Sarah Josepha Hale

Would you like to take a peek into the past of February, 1864?


If the disposition to speak well of others were universally prevalent, the world would become a comparative paradise. The opposite disposition is the Pandora box which, when opened, fills every house and every neighborhood with pain and sorrow. How many enmities and heart burnings flow from this source! How much happiness is interrupted and destroyed! Envy, jealousy, and the malignant spirit of evil, when they find vent by the lips, go forth on their mission like foul fiends, to blast the reputation and peace of others. Every one has his imperfections; and in the conduct of the best there will be occasional faults which might seem to justify animadversion. It is a good rule, however, when there is occasion for fault-finding, to do it privately to the erring one. This may prove salutary. It is a proof of interest in the indi- vidual, which will generally be taken kindly, if the manner of doing it is not offensive. The common and unchristian rule, on the contrary, is to proclaim the failings of others to all but themselves. This is unchristian, and shows a despicable heart."

~ Godey's Lady's Book, February 1864

Have you gone ice-skating this season?


The first rule of marketing is to purchase from respectable tradespeople, who have to support the character of their business. The second rule is, not to purchase inferior articles under the idea of being economical. A bargain, is seldom a prize; and this is especially the case with, regard to butchers' meat. The best meat, and the prime parts, are unquestionably the cheapest in the end, although the first cost may be the greatest. In coarse and inferior joints there is always too great a proportion of gristle, bone, and hard meat, to render them truly economic. Trust only to yourself in marketing."

~ Godey's Lady's Book, February 1864


Moderate praise, used with opportunity, and not vulgar, is that which doeth good.
— Lord Bacon. 

In preparing the Lady's Book, we aim to do good by promoting innocent enjoyment and cheerful improvement. Both of these objects, we think, belong to the economy of God's providence in this world, therefore should be studied and practised in our daily life. Our heavenly Father made the earth to blossom with beauty and fruitfulness; the air to be pure with life and sweet with fragrance; the birds in bright plumage to sing their songs of joy; the streams to murmur their soft cadences of delight in motion; while the great deep sounds the solemn, yet cheering anthem of perpetual strength in duty, as it ebbs and flows in constant obedience to tho laws of God. And all God's laws for our world were intended to promote human happiness in accordance with goodness.

This, then, is our aim: to diffuse and make popular the simple but efficient lessons of home happiness and goodness. Much is in the power of the mothers and wives of our land to make happy families, and thus insure a happy nation.

We also furnish literature for thought and reflection, leading the mind to inquire into the highest truths, to develop its powers of reasoning, and strengthen its faith in the good...

(article continued below)

In leading our young readers to the consideration of important lessons, through the medium of well-written fiction and beautiful illustrations, we find that we are effecting much good. In our widely extended country many families, living far from city advantages, must, and indeed should cultivate their own energies to the utmost in order to obtain the everyday requirements that divide savage life from Christian civilization. Our ingenious illustrations, useful receipts, and clear descriptions will greatly aid all these struggles for improvement.

(article continued below)

Young ladies, in the most remote localities of the great West, may, by the aid of the Lady's Book, cut and make their own dresses, and those for children, with that taste and economy which are desirable and beautiful. They may embellish their homes by the little fancy works and cheap modes we teach; and recruit and delight hard-working fathers and brothers by wholesome and savory dishes from our receipts. These are not "unconsidered trifles;" but arts that, elevating human feelings above animal instincts, make men and women better and families happier.

(article continued below)

The human being is a compound of body and spirit; the former must be wisely nurtured as the preliminary for improving the latter. A family who live in a house kept neatly in order, and sit down to a pleasant table, surrounded by objects of taste and beauty (even wild flowers and the work of woman's ingenuity will beautify a home), with a shelf of books where the Bible holds pre-eminences — such a family may dwell in a wilderness; still their thoughts and feelings will be trained to associate with the highest in the land, and they will be ready, when opportunity offers, to follow paths that lead to noble aims, and show worthy examples of success."

~ Godey's Lady's Book, February 1864

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